Goblin Herpies Chronicles

Below The Elephant Pt. 2


Our heroes continue exploring the basement of the Erect Elephant in search of the missing Lambert, in hopes of finding the man who owes them payment. Fending off an infestation of dangerous slimes, images.jpg

our heroes manage to make it into an uninhabited lair of a Necromancer. After reading through some books, Magnus accidentally summons an army of skeletons. The skeletons attack the party but are duly defeated, though Roland takes heavy damage. After the skeletons are defeated the party continues to explore the bookshelves but finds that the pages are quickly turning blank. They managed to recover a few pages. Collection_3.jpg

On the other side of the Necromancer’s lair is an altar. On top of it is a magic glowing rock that emanates the sound of a low scream. Near the rock is a box, of similar magical properties. Maximus takes both.
On their way back out of the lair, the party is attacked by larger gelatinous cubes.
Though the battle is difficult for them, thanks to Judas’ bombs mixed with the immobile yet unstable red slimes, the party manages to escape.

The fabulous five return to the topside of the Erect Elephant. The [barman] asks them about Lambert. The party shows him the crystal and then asks about the necromancer’s lair. The lair belongs to a man by the name of Alfonzo Navi. He is a mysterious man, a higher-up in the city but often joked about by the common people. He usually travels with his 12 bodyguards.

Tired and covered in mysterious slime, the party opts to buy rooms for the night. Not wanting to spend the night tied up, Roland wishes to buy a room separate from his party. The only room available is the room belonging to the [barman]. The [barman] is willing to give the room provided he doesn’t mind some “extra company” during the night. Roland gives a swift warning to the barman to leave him alone in the room.

Achievement Unlocked:
(Play of the Game Award):

The Michael Bay Way

When it comes to making things go boom, there is no more efficient among the fabulous five then Judas. In proving this, Judas set a room ablaze when he threw one of his wayward bombs into an unstable, red slime causing a chain reaction that sent him and bits of cube slime straight for the walls. Miraculously he survived and for this we award him.

Gained Items:

  1. Pages from Spell Books: 5 spells obtained (Max)/13 pages left unidentified (Magnus)
  2. 170 gold: Useful yet capitalist currency
  3. Bone Disguise: Spooky scary skeletons are coming after you! (Roland)
  4. Red Star: A bone mace that does additional fire damage. (Roland)
  5. 3x Tridents of Lightning: Can be jabbed or thrown (Party)
  6. Ring of Counterspell: Not useful for counting (Party)
  7. Mythic Armour: Protecting hobbits since 1955!
  8. Dust of Tracelessness: Enemy of CSI’s everywhere.
  9. Magic Crystal/Magically Locked Box: A crystal that emanates a low scream. Could this be the trapped soul of Lambert? Paired with the crystal is a mysterious box that remains magically sealed. (Max)

List Of Known NPCs:

Lambert: A man gone missing who owes payment to the fabulous fives for exterminating rats in his house.

Jezebelle: A sentient blob-form created by Roland after he spent some time polishing the Kremlin in the underbelly of The Erect Elephant. The creature seems to feed off of other slimes, growing each time it does so.

Magnus: Goblin Herpes
Roland: Goblin Herpes, Wererat curse



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