Half Elf summoner


Mother: Illusia
Father: unknown wizard Sailor.

Illusia an elf, born out off wedlock. Cast out by her family. She board on a ship from Fireland to Nostradamus but got sold by the captain to a brothel.
(City unknown )
She was confined by the brutal Pimp to a dungeon where she was forced to be a prostitute.
One day a handsome sailor came to visit the brothel and Illusia decided to remove her magic birth control. She wanted a child from him.
Little did she know about the sailor. He was a human wizard. Fair hair blue eyes.
Out of that meeting Happens was born.

Happens grew up in the mids of the BDSM dungeon and was bullied a lot because he had only one ear.
When Happens had his first ejaculation he was kicked out of the brothel and lived on the street. Because he felt lonely he created an imaginary friend. He became so real that Shift was born and Happens became a summoner.
Happens found out he could draw beautiful and earned his money by making street drawings.
He started moving from town to town,


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